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bulletRazor Motors


bulletBerg 4 channel micro receiver
bulletBerg 5 channel mini receiver 
bulletMikado Logo 10
bulletSchulze isl 6-330 charger
bulletRC Direct Mach Dart sailplane and electric
bulletThunder Pack 8000ma battery




Introducing the all NEW Logo 10

Mikado has designed this new 10-16 cell machine with the new Electric modeler in mind . The LOGO 10 can be flown with a brush-less  motor and a 10 cell battery for the  the entry level modeler , as the modeler gains experience , the LOGO 10 can be updated to the more powerful  brush less motors. Add the high end governed enabled speed controls , throw in additional cells to the battery and turn this entry level LOGO 10 into a full 3-D monster flying rocket chopper!

bullet24 ball bearings
bullet10 mm hollow rotor shaft
bullet8mm rotor head shaft
bullet5mm tail rotor shaft
bullettooth-belt drive
bulletmechanical swash-plate mixing
bulletstainless control rods
bulletlightweight finished canopy
bulletexplicit assembly instructions
bulletNow includes Auto-hub
bulletThrust bearings ( USA kit only)
bulletLogo 10 kit comes with one pair of wooden rotor blades.
All electronic components must be purchased separately.
Price $339.99   Including blades, auto-hub, and free thrust bearings (usa kit)  Get Yours on Order Now!

Suggested  Motors

Fun 600-15
CRUISING and LIGHT AEROBATICS with 12 cells and 1300 - 1500 rpm rotor speed  
Fun 600-18
HEAVY AEROBATICS and INVERTED with 12 cells and 1500 - 1600 rpm rotor speed  
Some general information:

Flight times vary with the selected rotor head rpm and with the pilot's style of flying, as well as with the capacity of the batteries used. The following durations are therefore general values using brush-less motors:

hovering with 1100-1200 rpm 8 - 10 minutes
cruising/light aerobatics with 1300 to 1500 rpm 8 - 12 minutes 
heavy aerobatics and inverted:  5 - 7 minutes

Batteries: For hovering, cruising and light aerobatics Mikado recommends Sanyo 2400 mah cells or Sanyo 3000 NiMh cells. We have found the New Panasonic stock NiMh to be very good all around.

For aerobatics Mikado recommends Sanyo 2400 mah cells.

Speed controllers: 40-50 amp speed controller with governor. BEC is not recommended if more than 10 cells are used.

Radio System: The Logo 10 is design to be flown using a helicopter radio capable of CCPM type swash plate control. Mini servos with 35 to 59 in oz torque . A micro to mini size gyro  is required for maximum tail control.